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Julian Koh, Brand & Design Director

At the heart of Commune is our in-house Sensory Design Lab. Committed to creating solutions that will enhance your way of life, the Sensory Design Lab brings together designers from different parts of the world to form a rich, cross-cultural melting pot of inspiration to improve the lives of our customers.



Here at Commune, each product, store and experience is designed with six senses in mind. We believe furniture can be "art for the everyday" - well-designed, trendy, a conversation starter, and most importantly - accessible, personal and close to the heart.

We believe that our five physical senses (Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch & Taste) need to be engaged in-store and through personally experiencing our furniture in a cosy, homey yet stylish environment so that a strong and lasting 6th sense (Emotion) can be formed.

At Commune, our design philosophy looks deeply into how we can engage all your senses when you create your home with us. We believe in building memories that last a lifetime.

As we have our own in-house design team, you can also be assured Commune furniture designs are authentic. At Commune, we don’t do imitation pieces or knock-offs that are “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of.” We’re passionate about authentic design. When you buy an authentic piece of design, you’re investing in quality, heritage and longevity. You’re becoming part of its legacy, and it’s becoming part of yours. Most importantly, you’re supporting the designers who have shaped the world in which we live.

Sensory lab design process
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