Accessorising made easy: Stop hoarding, start styling

Written by Commune
Accessorising made easy: Stop hoarding, start styling


Apartment living can often present its set of problems, a lack of space being the main one. With too many things in the apartment, ‘decor’ can easily become ‘clutter’, while ‘accessorising’ seemingly becomes ‘hoarding’. Hence, style and design works better with functionality in mind. If a room is meant for relaxing and hosting guests, add in touches of pottery and poufs. If it’s meant for recreation, short side tables work well for games and writing. Stylish functionality is possible - you only need to have a purpose in mind.





1. Add a houseshelf. A shelf can be extremely versatile - it provides space for storage, a place of display, and it can also be standalone piece of art. Placed in a dining area, it could store cutlery, pots and pans, and even display quirky pieces of homeware. An addition in the living room could display coffee table books, photographs, candles and vases for a cozy vibe. Our walnut Houseshelf combines functionality with a modernist sense of style - with its peaked top, it presents an eyecatching focal point for any room.


2. Balance out space with a framed piece. A medium to large sized art print adds instant style and sophistication to a room, especially when framed. It can balance out bigger standalone pieces of furniture, like a single armchair, and add variety to the room. Find a print that means something to you, and then hang it on the wall, or lean it against the wall for a touch of effortless cool. To make your room look more spacious, use the oldest trick in the book - swap that art print for a big mirror instead.


3. Choose furniture with legs. Elevated furniture pieces can be more easily seen, allowing for greater visibility of the floor, and creating the illusion of expanse. Coffee tables provide opportunities aplenty for presenting accessories, and can also be used functionally for writing or holding a drink. The Dualtone End Table marries style and practicality with its sleek wooden design and brass details.


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