Commune Home: Local and Proud

Written by Commune
Commune Home: Local and Proud

Being home-grown, Commune is committed to offering Singaporeans quality furniture suited for local needs. Compact modernity for local urbanites, our collection is only growing from here on out. Here are some of Commune’s highlights for Singaporean homes:


1. Timeless and luxurious styles

Commune’s catalog speaks to the Singaporean urbanite with its timeless and tasteful blend of mid-century and modern flavours. Clean lines and simplistic beauty offer respite in the hustle and bustle of cosmo, and are the perfect way to give your space that touch of luxury without making a break in your bank.


2. Diverse range of accessories

Surround yourself with personality when you deck your home out with accessories. We understand Singaporeans are a diverse bunch, and to that, Commune presents an equally diverse range of accessories and soft furnishings. From art prints, cushions, candles to vases and rustic homeware, there’s something for everyone to top off their home décor to bring out their own unique styles and personalities.


3. Smart Storage

When styling homes, space is typically one of the things at the forefront of most Singaporeans’ minds. Make much-coveted space go a longer way with smart storage solutions like the Astrid Bed with convenient in-built storage functionality.


4. Versatility

Commune offers style and versatility with its various pieces, allowing you to switch up your decor any time for a fresher look. For instance, console tables from Commune can serve as décor or entry way storages, and could also easily function as a stylish working station for a home office.


5. Local Representation


The ingenuity and innovation of local brands have been improving exponentially, and there’s no better time than now to support local labels and businesses. Commune carries local artisanal brands such as Oo La Lab and Sojao to bring a more holistic shopping experience for homeowners.
A fragrance mixology service headquartered in Singapore, Oo La Lab has an exciting array of cents for every preference, and even allows you to create your own. Browse their collection through Commune for one that’s uniquely you.


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