Space-Saving Tips for Homes

Written by Commune
Space-Saving Tips for Homes

With the overall size of flats and apartments shrinking over the years, Commune shares ideas and tips that will inspire you to create a more spacious and functional setting at home for you and your loved ones.


Stackable Storage


A simplistic living room featuring Commune’s House Shelf in Walnut, Bowen Night Stand


Consider stackable storage options that allow homeowners to compartmentalise different items while keeping them accessible, be it toys, stationery or any other miscellaneous items. Check out Commune’s variety of shelves and bookcases that are crafted from quality materials and are great for showcasing collectibles with style.


Multi-Purpose Furniture

Featuring Commune’s Lyla bed with storage and Dualtone console table.


Multi-purpose furniture pieces have become a must-have in every home. Apart from providing additional storage, multi-functional standalone furniture is useful for small bedrooms as they combine different fixtures into a single unit to save space. Commune’s Lyla bedframe, available in fabric or leather, combines style and functionality with built-in storage and USB ports on each side.

Play With Illusion

Featuring Porter Collection

A common mistake in small lounge designs is to push all your furnishings up against the wall. However, this can often make the space seem even more cramped. It is actually better to pull the furniture away from the wall and keep it more central, which adds volume to the room.  The more floor you see, the bigger the room will appear.  Add to the illusion with a glass coffee table from the Porter collection, or sofas and chairs with visible legs rather than floor-length upholstery that obscures the floor.


Use Lighter Colours

Featuring Alt.o’s Tierra collection


Small windows, low ceilings and a lack of natural lighting can conspire to make a room feel darker than you would like, but choosing the right colours can have an instant effect on a room’s brightness. For example, cooler colours help walls to recede, making the room feel extra spacious and light. Combat stubborn dark corners with a combination of light-painted or mirrored furniture and carefully placed lamps.


Commune’s 3D Space Planner

However, if you are still feeling unsure about your choice of furniture due to space constraints, try out Commune’s 3D Space Planner (virtual reality software) and AR app, allowing you to easily visualise furniture pieces from Commune in your home interior.

Commune’s AR mobile app


Despite having less space to work with, a few simple and smart tweaks to your home décor and furniture arrangements can definitely make your living space a whole lot more comfortable and spacious.

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