Ways to Wellbeing: How Your Home Can Support Your Self-care Journey

Written by Commune
Ways to Wellbeing: How Your Home Can Support Your Self-care Journey

Keeping up with an extensive self-care routine may seem tiring at times but it shouldn’t be. Here are three tips on how to create a more relaxing environment at home.


1. Start Having Indoor Plants

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Having plants in your home not only freshens up the air but also improves concentration and productivity, reduces stress levels and boosts your mood. If you lack a green thumb, displaying flowers in a vase can also help add a pop of colour in any room.


2. Embrace Natural Lighting

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Taking the time to open up your curtains and blinds will allow more natural sunlight to enter your room. Not only will it boost your intake of Vitamin D, but it will also improve your sleep and lessen the negative effects of fluorescent lighting, such as an elevated stress response.


  1. Stay Organised

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Cleaning may not something that most of us enjoy or associate with happiness, but studies have shown that it does affect your mood and your stress. It might be hard to find the motivation to clean after a long day, which makes it even more important to stay organised. Having additional storage space will allow you to have a home for your items, making it easier to put things back where they belong instead of having to deep clean regularly.

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