Yina Goh’s Bedroom Makeover with Commune

Written by Commune
Yina Goh’s Bedroom Makeover with Commune


Featured furniture and accessories from Commune:
Lyla Bedframe (Fabric), Brighton StoolArt Print & Pillows

Wallpaper from Hello Circus at https://www.hellocircus.com/

Read on to find out more about the makeover journey:


Yina Goh, one of Singapore’s most popular lifestyle and fashion influencers and a business owner of The Velvet Dolls, an online fashion boutique, definitely has a discerning eye when it comes to interior styling and design. Just check out her last makeover with Commune for her office workspace.

Hence, when it came to refreshing her bedroom space, it was no surprise that Commune was again, one of her go-to-choices for furniture and styling. Together with the help of Hello Circus, an artisanal and designer quality wallpaper provider, the brands worked together to craft her desired space.

Visualising the potential of her bedroom space, together with Hello Circus’s customised wallpaper, was made easier with the use of Commune’s 3D Space Planner that harnesses the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Its mobile Augmented Reality (AR) app also provided the option for Yina to visualise specific Commune’s furniture pieces and accessories right from the convenience her home.

With the advice of Commune’s experienced design consultants, Yina narrowed her choices to these top key picks:

Yina’s Top Picks:

1. Lyla Bedframe (Fabric)

The Lyla bed frame is a minimalistic piece that effortlessly combines style and luxury. Unexpected details such built-in USB ports, side pocket and a lift-up storage mechanism makes this a versatile and functional add-on.

There was also an array of colour choices for Yina to pick from as part of the customisation for the bedframe.


2. Brighton Stool

Complementing the space was the selection of Brighton Stool – a mid-century modern design utilising clean lines and organic curves.  It could even double up as bedside table for space-savvy individuals.


3. Accessories – Art Print, Pillows

One of the great points of shopping with Commune was that a home makeover or interior styling process could be easily streamlined as the brand is a one-stop for homeowners to shop for designer furnishings ranging from throw pillows, decorative trays, art prints, homewares to quality home appliances.

Featuring Commune Smokey Glass with Brass Ring Vase

To match Hello Circus’s dreamy wallpaper, Yina picked this statement art print from Commune which was the additional touch needed to tie the interior colour scheme of her bedroom seamlessly together.

Including throw pillows as what Yina has done here below allows one to incorporate texture and visual interest into a space. It also creates a soft layered appeal that immediately adds warmth, cosiness and comfort.



In Yina’s words ~
“…it made such a huge difference to my bedroom. Like the entire mood of my bedroom has been elevated!”

With its luxurious and cozy vibes, Yina’s refreshed bedroom space is also now ideal for her to comfortably work from home.

Even Chewy, her adorable and friendly pet seems to be enjoying the space as well!

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