Note (design studio)


      The collaboration between Alt.o by Commune and Note design studio was born out of the aspiration to conceptualize, create and craft pieces that seeks to combine Commune's intelligent and high quality craftsmanship with Note designs expertise and innovative mindset to showcase unique pieces from this cross-collaboration.

      Note is a multidisciplinary office and they wanted to utilise several areas of their knowledge in the collaboration with Alt.o. They started with one team that worked on the holistic approach, the brand foundation and values as well as designing a graphic identify and overall art direction, another team worked on the design of the new furniture collection.

      The furniture design was based on the work and the brand that was worked upon.

      About Note Design Studio

      Note Design Studio was founded by Johannes Carlström and Cristiano Pigazzini in 2008. Known for their collaborative spirit, the Stockholm-based collective is responsible for a wide range of design work that spans architecture, interiors, furniture and more. Drawing upon Scandinavia’s rich legacy of craftsmanship, Note Design Studio creates striking contemporary objects that take inspiration from local natural resources and traditional techniques.

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