Established in 2011, Commune is a homegrown furniture design and lifestyle company that originated in Singapore, crafting high-quality artisanal works for the design-savvy. Our furniture is manufactured in our own factories in Malaysia and Vietnam, and our commitment to quality is reflected in our personal involvement across the full production process – from creative conceptualization to the eventual manufacture of each final product. As we have our own in-house design team, you can also be assured Commune furniture designs are authentic. At Commune, we don’t do imitation pieces or knock-offs that are “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of.” We’re passionate about authentic design. When you buy an authentic piece of design, you’re investing in quality, heritage, and longevity. You’re becoming part of its legacy, and it’s becoming part of yours. Most importantly, you’re supporting the designers who have shaped the world in which we live.

Trained in industrial design in Melbourne, Julian Koh is the brand and design director of contemporary furniture and accessories store Commune. He heads Commune’s design lab and is responsible for creating the look for Commune franchises as well as scouring the region for home accessories to complement his brand’s furniture. With a concept of what he calls “emotive design”, this inspired him to create Commune furniture stores as community-centered spaces. Julian sees value in designs that are timeless and which have greater longevity. He feels design is a passionate journey – a constant pursuit of tastefully curated creations. Commune’s designs are broadly categorized as minimalist, Scandinavian, and industrial modern. All incorporate common thematic elements so that the pieces can work with each other in a harmonious mix, with a contemporary, minimalist sensibility to timber that keeps Commune’s creations modern and homely. Commune has since been the recipient of the Singapore Furniture Industry Awards’ “THE NEW ENTRANT AWARD – GOLD” and the SINGAPORE GOOD DESIGN (Lifestyle Division) award for its Dualtone collection in 2015.

As a strong advocate for sustainability, Commune uses eco-conscious timber imported from sustainable sources in USA, Europe, and Asia, and lacquers and coatings with low lead and formaldehyde content that are safe to use, and kid-friendly.

In order to keep our furniture prices affordable and ensure a short lead time for production so that our beautiful pieces can reach your home much sooner, we manufacture our furniture in small batches based on a fixed design and measurements so that you can get it within two weeks, as long as stock is available. Doing this also allows us to ensure a stringent, consistent quality across all our designs. Customizing designs and measurements typically take a much longer time and will cost much more, often double the price of ready-made furniture. We do carry a range of sizes for our sofas and certain models of dining tables, but in general, we do not customize designs or the measurements of our furniture.

Commune offers a 12-months limited warranty that covers structural manufacturing issues for all our products commencing from the date of delivery. Please view the full detailed terms here.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at Commune.

For our leather furniture, especially sofas, we make use of top-grain leather. Top-grain leather’s quality is second only to full-grain leather, but it is more stain-resistant, especially if it’s pigmented and typically retains an even tone without patina. As a promise of quality and respecting our design philosophy of only using natural materials, we do not use PU or faux leather in all of our products. A plus point – genuine leather develops a beautiful patina with age, whereas faux leather does not, and faux leather is generally less enduring than genuine leather. Real leather is tough and has a certain amount of moisture that makes it soft and pliable while faux leather will peel and crack over time. Our genuine leather furniture, as opposed to faux leather furniture, is also quite comfortable and will warm or cool to your body temperature relatively easily. This is because the material is breathable, allowing it to acclimate to your individual body temperature, as well as to the room’s climate.

Please refer to our Care and Maintenance guidelines, indicated by furniture collection.

Please refer to our Care and Maintenance guidelines, indicated by furniture collection. For glass cleaners, wood wax, fabric guard, leather cleaning products and products mentioned in the guidelines, you may get them at DIY stores such as Home-Fix.

Unfortunately we do not offer reupholstery services, however, our sales personnel will be happy to recommend services they know. We also have attractive promotions/discounts for customers who have previously bought a sofa from us, and now wish to purchase a new one. Simply contact us!