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Rooted in the ethos of Scandinavian refinement, Nordic Minimalism, and Nordic Chic, this collection embodies the essence of cosmopolitan sophistication and individualistic flair.

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Radiating an air of unbridled confidence, Volta celebrates the symphony of audacious contradictions, weaving together the threads of divergent creativity where bold lines meet organic textures.

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The Crème collection epitomizes the quintessence of timeless Scandinavian design, intricately woven with inspiration drawn from the ethereal landscapes and climate of the Nordic realm.

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This exquisite collection epitomizes the opulent fusion of two distinguished American hardwoods - luminous oak and rich walnut, reminiscent of the lavish mid-century era.

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The Bruno collection features rustic finished Acacia wood laid in classic herringbone pattern, paired with brass-finished metal, tasteful, sophisticated and elegant. Evoking a sense of enduring style that complements both modern and traditional interiors.

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The slim tapered legs of the Crimson collection's design instantly carve out a distinct character of its own, with a hint of vintage. As the legs of the furniture are titled obliquely outwards, they lend vitality and character to the collection.

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Defy the norm.

In our humble beginnings, amidst the vibrant streets of Singapore, we embarked on a journey fueled by passion and heritage. Guided by the wisdom of our elders, we honed our craft, weaving dreams into every design.

Today, Commune spans the globe with over 100 stores. Proudly rooted in Singaporean soil. Proudly Commune.