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Copenhang is inspired by Copenhagen's hipster culture, characterized by alternative lifestyles, independent expression, and avant-garde sensibilities in music, fashion, and the arts. Hipsters, as trendsetters, embody an effortlessly chic and nonconformist allure, championing an eclectic aesthetic that defies mainstream conventions.

In Copenhagen, hipster culture thrives through a blend of sustainability, bespoke fashion, and a vibrant social scene, with individuals expressing their identities through artisanal coffee, streetwear, and cycling. This sofa captures the essence of Scandinavian refinement, Nordic Minimalism, and Nordic Chic, embodying cosmopolitan sophistication and individualistic flair.

Customisable Options

Copenhang comes in a series of configurations and material selections. Best to visit in-stores to speak with our consultants for the full customisation options and latest product updates available.

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